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 Help ASAP!

I bought my female a month ago. Her color is always really dark brown. She is it active at all, and she rarely eats. I had professionals set up my cage and I’m pretty it is the correct set up. She sleeps all the time. What is going on with her. This is the link of the her picture.

03/13/16  11:38am


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 Help ASAP!

Hi. I am no professional and can only speak of my experience with my MHD. I couldnt open the link you posted because I don’t have facebook but with out seeing what she looks like, the behavior your describing seems pretty normal for an MHD. They may not eat after being stressed out from being caught. You may try and offer her different things to eat. My MHD LOVES super worms and just regular red wigglers. These guys are not active lizards. They eat, sleep and mate when its breeding season but other than that, sleeping and hanging out most of the time is pretty typical. As far as her color staying dark, she could be really stressed. Maybe keep handling to a minimum and get her to eat a little. If you had your cage set up for you, just make sure its warm enough in there. 75 is ideal. Hope she gets better!!!

04/06/16  04:30pm

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