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 New Owner in need of help!

I recently brought home a juvenile MHD four days ago and have yet to be able to get him to eat. i offered him small cricket and small mealworms but he does not seem interested in either. Anyone have advice on getting him to eat?

02/02/16  09:23am


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  Message To: DragonMomma1996   In reference to Message Id: 2316889

 New Owner in need of help!

I’m also new mhd’s so hopefully someone else responds to this. Do you know if it was captive born? What were the conditions and set up like where you got it? Any reptile I get that don’t eat right away I offer it a buffet, dubias, crickets, wax worms, small superworns, etc.. if it still don’t eat for a couple days I give them some jump start. Also the absolute first thing I do before it even goes in the enclosure is bath time for a half hour. Most people will tell you to bring it to a vet and bring a fecal sample which I highly agree. Hopefully it’s just a little rehoming stress and everything works out fine.

02/02/16  04:08pm


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  Message To: Bmxking658   In reference to Message Id: 2316896

 New Owner in need of help!

Bmxking658 I totally agree with you. Its just a moving stress situation but still a fecal test is mandatory for store bought pets. I also quarantine new animals for 6 months, I would do a mite test for at least a month to check

02/02/16  05:11pm

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