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 Worried MHD...

Alright guys I need some advice. Little background info, my MHD, Drogon, is about a year old. She is definitely gravid, I can see the shapes of the eggs clearly and I have watched them (and her) grow larger. Last time she was about to lay eggs, she didn’t eat for a couple weeks and became lethargic. I had coconut substrate at that time so she was burrowing but I removed it since she got an eye infection from pieces getting in her eyes and that was horrible to go through, for both of us. So she can’t burrow now. This time, she is EXTREMELY lethargic and hasn’t eaten in about three weeks. I moved in the last month with her, so I blamed the stress of moving to her not eating. It was a couple weeks after we moved in until she ate a few crickets, but in the last month and a half that we’ve been here, she’s probably eaten a total of ten crickets. In the past couple days, she’s barely moved. When I take her out and put her back in, I’ll find her in the same spot I left her in hours later. She moves in my hand a little but not at all in her tank. Also, up until about two days ago I was finding small puddles of cream/brown liquid. Before that she was defecating fine, even though she wasn’t eating, but I haven’t seen anything in the past couple days. Right now I’m just taking the leave her alone as much as possible to reduce stress and let her do her thing route. Only handling her when I’m giving her water. Any one have any suggestions, or does it sound like she needs vet help? As I said I just moved and I don’t have a job yet so I’d like to avoid the vet as much as possible. Any suggestions help though please! (Sorry this is so long...)

09/28/15  07:18pm

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