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 Help asap

We have two MHD cages together in a 40 gallon tank. We first got our baby which was only about 1 1/2
Months when we got her... the second one was got a few weeks later, it was about 3 months old. For about a month now, we have had them housed together. At first they were going awesome maling friends with each other, would sit on the samw limb, almost sleep on top of each other. Since last wednesday we noticed the baby one, wasnt eating anymore. We took.her out put her in a empty cage, got her to eat 3 crickets... since then she hadnt eaten anything. Two days ago we got the advice to hand feed her as many waxworms as she would eat. She ate six. The next morning, we found the 5 worms in the water. I dont know if she puked them out or pooped them out... yesterday we pooped the last one of them out. She is a dark brown color, and is getting really skinny, doesnt move around alot. Today when I checked one her, she was wet from being i n the water... which is good, I hadnt seen her in the water for a while... I feed her only one worm today. I am concerned about her well being... the temp is at a steady 84 and the humidity is at 78degrees... any suggestions before i take her to the vet.

06/04/14  05:35pm


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 Help asap

Poor baby probably have a infection maybe a parasitic one. I’m not a vet but I can say she needs to see a vet about it and Ihope everything goes well.

06/04/14  08:26pm

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