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Hermes De Freitas   Takahiro111  

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Hermes De Freitas
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 New MHD not moving or eating

Hi all, I’m a first time reptile owner and I got a MHD four days ago. It hasn’t eaten yet.

The temperature reading in the middle of the tank (stuck onto the backglass) is 82F in the day. I also have trouble keeping the humidity up. I’ve attached a small hose onto a household humidifier and i could get the humidity to 65% max. but as soon as I turn off the humidifier, the humidity slowly drops. I placed plastic wrap over the top of the cage and cut holes in the wrap for the lamp and the hose. I only have it taped down in a few spots so I hope gets enough ventilation.

Since I got him I’ve been struggling to get the heat and humidity up and right now the levels are as good as I’ve gotten them.

He has hardly moved since I got him and his eyes are almost always closed. When I handle him he’s not very responsive, though I try to do that as little as possible.

How can I get him to eat? I’m about to call Petco and tell them but they always just tell me "get the heat up in the tank" the heat is hot enough I’m sure since my lizard has at times moved away from the hot side of the tank.

05/10/14  05:15pm


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  Message To: Hermes De Freitas   In reference to Message Id: 2305063

 New MHD not moving or eating

Don’t call petco. Take a fecal sample to the vet to see about parasites. Cover half of the top of the cage with a damp towel it helps me and I cut on a heater fo a while to keep them warm but not in the summer lol I’ll use a fan. Are you using a digital humidity and temp gauge? And people (some not all) don’t know what their talking about when giving advice they just want you to buy the animal even if its sick. These lizards also don’t drink from still water so a dripper or waterfall is good and waterfalls help with humidity and what substrate are you using?

05/13/14  01:23pm

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