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Chonforo   Wyland2222  

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 Armpit lumps: seeking information

I just lost two beautiful baby MHDs to a strange condition or illness that developed quite quickly over the last couple of weeks. I took them to the vet but she could not figure out what was wrong.

The MHDs were captive bred and I got them when they were tiny little babies. For the last six months I took the best possible care of them that I could afford (UVB lights, terrariums, vitamins, calcium, etc.), so right now I still have no idea what I missed.

The main symptom I observed was the development of lumps or bulging soft tissue below the armpits. Not even the vet could tell me what these lumps were. About a week after I noticed the lumps, both dragons stopped eating and slowly got weaker and weaker until they died. The vet prescribed Pancur and did a fecal exam but no parasites were found.

If anyone has any information regarding this problem please let me know, I do not want this to happen again if I am ever able to find another pair of CB babies. I can post some pictures if anyone is interested.

Thanks for your help

10/09/13  07:13pm


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  Message To: Chonforo   In reference to Message Id: 2301611

 Armpit lumps: seeking information

First sorry no one answered your question or even offered you any possible reasons. I sure don’t know what it could have been, wish the vet had done a needle aspirate of 1 of them to look at under the micros ope to see if that gave any clues.

02/05/14  04:38am

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