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 Help please

I got a new mountain horned dragon 2 weeks ago and she is not eating as much as I would like. In the past 2 weeks he has only eaten a red wiggler that I have witnessed and possibly 1 cricket. The pet store I got him from fed cricket and I am offering wigglers, dubia and mealworms which I dust in calcium. He was shedding when I got him which seems to be done but his appetite has not returned. I know the stress of a new enclosure may also contribute but I am getting worried.

Temps in the enclosure range from high 60’s to low 70’s. There is a 9x13 water bowl with a bubbler and fogger to help keep up the humidity. I also have live and fake plants which he hides under unless I take him out and put him into his water bowl or to mist him. I have a 24" uvb light above the highest plant where I put him each time I handle him. I try to only handle him once per day while he is adjusting.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

08/01/13  07:13pm


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 Help please

ok it is a very bad idea to handle animals while they are adjusting. the only time they sould see u is when u are cleaning or puting food in. reptiles become stressed exstreamly easy. it is ok to sofly pet them in there enclosure to alow them to become use to ur hands. and it is normal for them to slow there eating habits when adjusting and sence he was also shedding when he was moved it may take a bit longer.. just keep a steady food supply in with him and make sure his cage is nice and clean. sence u have seen him eat its not to much for alarm just keep an eye on him and if it dose not improve in a week or so have the animal checked.

08/01/13  08:03pm


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  Message To: Cassielehman   In reference to Message Id: 2300138

 Help please

His appetite is starting to increase but he is still loosing weight. I have been keeping a log of what he eats and his weight. On 813 he was 26 grams he did not eat until 8/20 when ate 3 worms and 1 dubia but was down in weight to 23 grams. On 8/25 he ate 2 dubia and 4 mealworms.
What can I do to increase his appetite? I would like to do a treatment of Reptaid but I am worried that it wont do any good as he is not eating enough to get a treatment. Does anyone know how long it will remain effective if injected into dubia?

I know they dont move much but the only time I have seen him move is when I move him to his pool about every 2 day. Otherwise he just hangs off the side of his plant.

Cage temps in the 70’s and UVB light on during the day. All food coated in calcium. Cage has a pool with bubbler and mister to help with humidity

I would like to try everything I can before taking him in since it is a 5 hour ride in the car to the nearest reptile vet which I think would be very stressfull.

Any suggestions please

08/24/13  02:39pm

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