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 Mountain Horned Lizard

First off here is some background info. I’ve had this lizard for about 6 months. I’m guessing she’s no less than a year and a half old, more likely 2+.

She lives in a 55 gallon paludarium with a Chinese Water Dragon. The Paludarium is 15 gallons of filtered freshwater with fish and other living critters for biological balance. The filter is a custom filter capable of handling a 200+ gallon aquariums needs (More than enough for 15 gallons). All Water dragon poop is removed daily and I do 50% minimum water changes bi-weekly. This water is tap water drinkable needless to say. :)

Humidity and heat differential is provided by a warm mist humidifier. The mist is piped up to the tank via a black plastic tube. The tube helps to reduce the condensation in the tank, as most of the extra condensation happens in the tube and flows back into the humidifier. The humidity without additional hand misting is 60%-75%, once a day misting adds 5-10%, and twice a day adds 10-20%. Most of the time it’s stable in the mid 70’s.

Light is provided by two UVB lamps, one 15w tube and one 13w CFL. The lizards are always between 4 and 18 inches from either light. No heat lamp is needed. The glass is insulated on the back and sides. So, between the humidifier and the 78 degree water, the tank stays within 1 degree of 78 degrees during the day and about 72 or 73 at night.

The water dragon and the mountain horned lizard get along like two peas in a pod. They never show any aggression towards one another and every so often one will sleep on top of the other at night.

The mountain horned lizard (Her name is Cheddar) is fed calcium with D3 enriched mealworms and earthworms. She won’t eat crickets or dubia’s. And just recently she was given a dose of Bene-Bac. I have Acidophiliz+ on order but it may be a week.

Here is my problem.. Her eating is so random. She doesn’t seem sick and she’s always alert during the day. Eyes always open, occasionally moving from the tree to the white rocks on the ground in the corner of the tank. Sometimes she eats a few mealworms/earthworms every day. Sometimes she’ll go many days with nothing. Not interested in any foods. A few months ago she went 25 days without food. She wasn’t sick and didn’t act abnormal. She just wouldn’t want food. Now she’s gone a week before just today eating a few mealworms. I’ve tried getting he off of mealworms but the only other thing she eats is the occasional earthworm.

My water dragon eats anything he can get his mouth on.. Almost ate Cheddars tail on night.. I also have a chameleon that eats about 12 baby dubia’s on a regular basis. I understand she doesn’t require as much food as the others. So I can understand not eating every day. But why is she always having such long gaps in her eating? Just is case it’s worms I’ve ordered some liquid Fenbendazole. I also have Electrolyte and Acidophiliz+ (also on order) to get her back in balance afterwards. Bene-bac and Pedialite might be fine, but for the price I ordered the good stuff.

Any insight would be helpfull..

And what can be done to wean her off of mealworms?

05/31/13  07:25pm


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  Message To: BrassAxe   In reference to Message Id: 2298031

 Mountain Horned Lizard


You still having issues getting you MHD to eat?


07/03/13  12:50pm


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  Message To: RCK   In reference to Message Id: 2299216

 Mountain Horned Lizard

Yes. But the problems have shifted. She will eat now, but not on her own. Every day, or every other day she is held in hand and her mouth is massaged open. She doesn’t really fight and lets me feed her a few earthworms till she stops letting me feed her. I gave her febendazole to deworm her just in case about a month ago. It didn’t seem to change her behavior or feeding habits. I also just got ahold of some reptaid and i’m going to run a regular dose on that. She gets electrolyte, acidophiliz, and calcium with d3, and without d3 on a rotating basis. Plus for some reason irregardless of the waterfall in her tank, the dripper I put on top, or the misting, she seems to get a little dehydrated from time to time. Just enough to notice it in her skin, not too severe. I don’t know why, so I just make her soak in water for ten minutes every day. It almost seems like she’s spoiled.. Like she just lets me take care of her.. However, the chinese water dragon in the cage is doing great. He will be in the cage and watch me feed her outside the cage, and he flips his lid.. He’s like a jealous dog. He eats earthworms, dubia’s, crickets, mealworms, and probably any other bug I put in front of him. He’s never dehydrated and he’s doing so good in fact i’m not exactly sure i’ve ever seen, or had one as healthy as him. But the mountain horned lizard.... Still battling figuring out why she is like she is. Long story short.. Yes, still having issues.

07/09/13  08:54am

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