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Saine718   Schreechies  

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 Cross Breeding Mountain Horn Dragons

I wanted to know if its possible for two different species of mountain horned dragons to breed. I seen a post open in 2006 with no answers, i was just wondering has anyone had any luck in doing so. I was told by Florida Herps that it is in fact possible. I would like to hear some input from you guys.

03/01/13  03:26am


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  Message To: Saine718   In reference to Message Id: 2292946

 Cross Breeding Mountain Horn Dragons

Even though that it’s somewhat possible, you have a 60% chance (my estimations) of them not being fertile because of their genetic DNA is so different..Well, I know that with anoles it’s not possible. But who knows, maybe you could get lucky?
I suggest trying, and I’d like to know about what happens if so!
Message me (if possible?) if you have any questions. I keep green anoles and bahaman anoles. Hope I helped!
So have fun and try an experiment!

03/01/13  07:57pm

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