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 Color and Behavior Concerns

i have a horned dragon, i’m not sure how old she is, i’m pretty sure shes female, i bought her from a pet store.

we have had her for about a month and half now and have noticed some significant changes to her behavior and colors of skin.

we feed her super worms and crickets, she will not eat anything else besides these.

she has not eaten in about 4 days now. before she ate on a regular basis. this is a major concern to us.

the color on her head has become a beige color and we are not sure if she is just shedding or if she is sick, she has also got a bit of an attitude now.

we have her in a 18 by 18 by 24 cage, as the pet store recommended it to us.
she enjoys her waterfall, and enjoys being misted many times a day.

we have no UVB light, just a infrared heat lamp as the pet store also recommended this was all she would need.

the quality on the photos is very low, but it is showing what her head looks like and our concerns.

thank you for your help

12/17/12  02:45am


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 Color and Behavior Concerns

She looks to be shedding , i would up the humidity and soak him in lukewarm water for 15 minutes twice a day and it has been proven that they need a uvb light.

01/22/13  08:41pm

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