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 Horned Mountain Dragon hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a week

Hello, I just bought a HMD two weeks ago and he hasn’t gone to the bathroom that I have seen in a week. The vet is very expensive so i would like to avoid taking him again. He is just getting over having parasites and is it possible the medicine could have caused this?


10/22/12  11:17pm


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 Horned Mountain Dragon hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a week

You can do a few things , same as for our bearded dragons and Iguana...
Get a few drops of oil in the mouth of the dragon, directly or by fruit if it takes any veggie or fruit...or syringe feed it with a plastic syringe if you have too.....just a drop or 2 per day.

Vegetable oil...olive oil.. mineral oil...all these are safe and usually found in the house or at the local grocery...mineral oil is used for human babies when they are constipated as well.

Stop feeding meal worms for now if you do? They have very difficult to digest exoskeletons. Super worms are better. You can offer very small strips of cooked chicken breast as a substitute...or other protein rich meat items including beef heart...chicken heart...which are very inexpensive at the grocery store.

What do you normally feed the MHD..? Raise the basking temps to promote better digestion...=10 degrees at the basking spot only
Natural safe veggies like pumpkin... watermelon ...prunes ...figs... will promote bowel movements. Just try a small dab on the lips and it should lick it up ...or make a wet liquid slurry with a drop or 2 of oil and syringe feed a few drops...make a fresh batch each time and discard the leftovers...they will not keep long.

Have you ever tried roaches...discoid and dubia roaches are worth raising at home and will save you tons of money every year. They are easy to digest and don’t cause impaction. Tons of web sites out there describe how ...we raise them ourselves.

It’s possible that the de worming medication did in fact destroy the good gut flora / bacteria that helps with digestion...Look for PROBIOTICS that humans drink or consume...
I have used this product before and drank the left overs myself...

Even capsule forms will work to re establish the microorganisms that help digestion...just get something that you can use right away...break open a capsule and sprinkle some powder on the food item/ you dust your crickets and worms with calcium powder?? Same principal.

Warm water soaks (85F) and tummy massages will help move things along as well. I know MHD’s are not as easy to do this with as larger bearded dragons or iguanas...but that’s what we do.

Good luck

10/28/12  12:11pm

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