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 Not sure if my MHD is OK????

I got my first MHD Thursday night and this is my first reptile except for the gecko of my sons that I had to keep for a month years ago.

Anyway he was flighty at first. Yesterday he was much calmer and he ate 2 crickets and drank water from his bowl then he took a bath in it.

This morning he was barely moving I took him outside and to bask in the son thinking he was too cold it is 75 F in the house. He perked up a bit so I brought him back in and placed him in his aquarium and he just sits their in the position I put him in with his head down not moving at all??? I offered him another cricket and he refused to even look at it. I wonder if something is wrong with him? I am a bit worried. He is a 8 inch young (baby) I guess?

Aquarium is tall 24 X 18 x 18. plants and wood a big water dish with an air stone. Temp in house 70 to 80 degrees F.

05/26/12  11:07am


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  Message To: AL-E-KAT   In reference to Message Id: 2267727

 Not sure if my MHD is OK????

I know this is late. But I think it’s fine. MHD’s are very timid and docile, so don’t expect to see them out and moving all the time. They can sit in the same spot for weeks if you feed them by hand. If you just throw their food in they will go down for it sooner or later. Mine have both found a spot behind plants and hide. They come out sometimes but they mostly just sit where they are. Also your MHD may not have eaten because you just had it outside. Handling them can stress them out and when they’re stressed they don’t eat. Hope this helps and good luck to you with your new MHD!

06/11/12  04:33pm

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