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 MHD is being VERY agressive

Hello, Ive had my dragon for about 3 or 4 months and she is starting to become very agressive out of know where. She was aways very friendly before but now I cant even put my hand in the tank without her hissing and trying to bite me. I acually have to handle her with gloves now because of her bahaviour.
About 4 weeks ago she stopped eating and became dyhydrated. We bought some REPTA+BOOST from the pet store and she is back to normal other then her agressive behaviour.
I dont if she is gravid or what is wrong with her but she is becoming a problem in the house..

I keep her cage temp around 75- 80 at day and 70 at night. I also have a UV bulb for her to get vitamin D. I keep her humidity around 80% too.

Her cage has a bathing bowl with a running air hose, LOTS of sticks, hideout cave and all the proper lights to keep her occupied.

I have attached photos and you can see that I litteraly hav to wear goves to even go near her.

04/21/12  07:39pm


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 MHD is being VERY agressive


04/21/12  07:52pm


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  Message To: Brookelons   In reference to Message Id: 2263707

 MHD is being VERY agressive

Yikes, shes a feisty one! Is she in a high traffic area? Try moving her somehwere quiet and let her be for a few days see if it helps. Cover the sides of the cage and let her become more adjusted to her home, she could be pretty stressed, and its possible that she is gravid. Does she have an area in her enclosure where she can lay eggs? This may help. Over on the water dragon forum there is a post called "how to tame your dragon" that has a breakdown of how i have tamed my water dragon. I have used the same method for taming other lizards as well and i think it would work perfectly with an MHD. Good luck, hope this helps.


04/23/12  01:44pm

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