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 Help for Blind MHD

We’ve had Bamboo for over 6 years, but he was mature when we got him (I assume he was wild caught) so we don’t know how old he is. He has developed cataracts in both eyes and has to be placed in his water bowl to drink and to poo. To feed him my husband has to gently coax him into opening his mouth and I’m ready to stick a cricket or worm in as soon as he opens up. Has anyone had experience with a blind MHD or other agamid? I’m searching the internet but not having much luck. Thanks!

03/13/12  11:04am


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 Help for Blind MHD

I know this is rather old, but here is some insight. You can try turtle drops on the eyes to see if it helps to clear up the cataracts. I had a leo way back when that was blind like your mhd and they went away after about a month of treating. as for feeding, i assume you’ll have to keep going the way youre going. thats what happened with my leo. he died at a long 16 years old. Had been bounced around home to home till i got him :) Hope your mhd gets better


04/17/12  08:08pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2263190

 Help for Blind MHD

How can you tell if your MHD is blind.. My baby girl Mountain Horned Dragons name is "ACE", the guys at the pet store said she was around 3 years old(maybe shes younger.) She is pretty thin but a good length, pretty dark and light shades of brown.She loves crickets with calcium powder better than just plain crickets. At first she was pretty active, rambunctious even. She would climb up my shoulder in my hair and perch on top of my head. She likes to tower over things, or she would fall asleep on my chest and id wrap a jacket or blanket over us to keep her warm. Ace ate 2 crickets yesterday in calcium powder, which are easy to see when powdered white, but she has been ignoring her water for 3days. I am really beginning to worry, is it that she cant see the water running I have the Exo-terra waterfall running and I set her on the rock formation, she just slept there and payed the water no attention.. Last night she started acting a little strange. She was very lethargic and kept going limp, of course she was breathing but she wouldnt even open her eyes. She has been sleeping all day, hasn’t even woken up to eat a cricket or drink from her Exo-Terra waterfall. I am also looking for some advice on heat and humidity... I have a Repti Basking Spot Lamp 50W. Should I get another light to raise the temp, and just have two lights.. Any advice would be great! Thank You for your time and consideration.

11/03/12  08:34pm

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