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 New mhd owner!

my gf bought a male mhd from petco about 1.5 months ago.
a description: its approx 5" from nose to vent. it has no eye horns. it is normally reddish brown, but will occasionally turn a yellowish green. the spikes from the back of his head to where they stop are very tall, the rest of the body spikes are short.

the first 3 spikes appear cut off, and half of the others are bent/damaged looking, as if pinched in a trap or cage. will these spikes grow back?

we have him in an aquarium (40B) for now. it has a large corner bowl water dish with a bubbler and a 1.5gph vacuum pump to get the water moving. we have 4 live plants as well as live moss to keep the humidity high. temp is 75f-85f day time, 65f-75f night time. humidity is 80%-90%.

he seems to enjoy being out and about on the couch or climbing the curtains, and looks like he enjoys being misted with water.

he wont eat redworms, mealworms, or superworms, but will gobble 2 med crickets or so a day. he also loves anoles(but ignores geckos). he runs them down and chomps them till they stop moving, and then swallows them head first. we are going to try putting a small gold fish in his water bowl and seeing if he will go for that.

any helpful advise or recommendations for a new mhd owner?

how about building a better waterfall?

11/30/11  01:58am


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  Message To: Troy_mclure   In reference to Message Id: 2245706

 New mhd owner!

everything sounds ok to me. for the spikes i don’t think they grow back. and just the bubbler is good enough for the moving water so if you wanna save a little power you can take out the pump.

also its nice that you can take him out my male mhd is very timid and if i get near him he gets defensive and his gullar pouch shoots out. and if i pick him up he will freak out, i handle him on a daily basis too. as for my female she is really calm i can take her out and she will just sit where i put her or just stay on my hand.

also for the feeding my guys gobble down full earthworms, superworms, and crickets.
normally the female will eat everyday and the male every other.
for me they both eat full earthworms in that day i feed them. i when i feed superworms they eat about 5-8 each and for the crickets they ate about 8-10 large.
so I’m not sure if hes full size but i think he could eat more than 2 crickets a day. i think its however many they will eat within 2 minutes.

as for a waterfall my female seems to love them. but just make sure you have a way to clean this unless you set up a filtration system. they get dirty quick. i have the exo terra waterfall and every week or so id go and scrub it in hot water with a toothbrush but its to hard to clean in my opinion after a few months the thing got covered in the red mold and i just decided to stop using it. so just make sure you can clean it easily.

12/05/11  03:24pm


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  Message To: Alex.M   In reference to Message Id: 2246275

 New mhd owner!

cool thanks. he is eating alot more now. still doesnt like any worm, but will eat 4-5 crickets then ignore any others. he is also eating geckos now too.

he turns green when he sleeps, red/brown when awake.

12/05/11  06:22pm


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  Message To: Troy_mclure   In reference to Message Id: 2246293

 New mhd owner!

i guess he is the capra subspecies, lucky find. lol

12/11/11  09:51pm

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