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 My MHD Terrarium

Here are some pics of the set up I have. This was a second attempt at getting set up. The first attempt was with the foam stuff you use to fill cracks in your home and silicon. The foam floated and even with a whole tube of silicon I could not get the water to stay in the area I want it to. So in these pictures you can see I have a plate of plexiglass and the used a marine epoxy to seal in and keep it in place. I have a Exo Terra med X-Tall terrarium witch is 24"longx18"deepx36"tall. and to not just have a half land half water deal spiting it in the center I put a bend in it to make it look natural. I’m even thinking about putting some sword tail baby fish in it until they grow. The log in the foam backing in the tank is hiding a reptile water filter that is making my moving water. the fogger is set up under the tank and goes through a tube to the top to cycle down the tank. There is only a live bamboo plant inside with a lot of fake vines. also some branches and I’m thinking about getting a few more grape vine branches so more climbing room. I hope you like the Pictures and please add any advise you may have.

10/30/11  09:43pm

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