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 He sits still for HOURS on end!

Today is Tuesday May 24,2011. I bought a MHD(capra) this past Saturday. He was bought from a pet store before I read about them on this site:( That being said, he ate about 3-4 super worms at the store before we took him home, he also seemed quite active at the shop as well. Since he’s been home he seems "down." He hasn’t eaten and he doesn’t even attempt to explore his environment. When i put him in a spot, he will stay there for hours with no movement, not even a toe! I’m sure he will eat soon enough as i was told they eat every 3-4 days. But I’m worried about his lack of movement. His home is 72-76F and humidity is usually around 80%. He has a good size water dish with bubbles on one side, lots of foliage(fake)& branches to climb, his home is 24" tall with 18x18" surface. why does he seem so lethargic?? I also haven’t seen any feces yet. Do you think he’s ok? by the way, They told me he was about 5-6 mths but I think he may be older, he is about 4" from nose to vent. Please let me know if this behavior is normal. thanks for any advice you have to offer. Shelley

05/24/11  07:04pm


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 He sits still for HOURS on end!

MHD’s are cool looking lizards for sure, but my experience with them is they are very chill. especially when you first get them, they can sit in the same spot for days on end. mine always have there favorite branch and MAYBE if im lucky, i can see them moving. most of the time, they just sit in one place. they can be active, but only when THEY want to be.

07/04/11  06:00pm


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  Message To: Damein1234   In reference to Message Id: 2227586

 He sits still for HOURS on end!

So how is your MHD acting now?
The more timid or cautious ones will hardly move and try to find a place that they can blend into.
I have a female that is the exact opposite right now and is constantly moving around, especially if she is hungry, at feeding time she jumps and climbs like mad to the upper door for food. She will jump onto the screen where you are at looking for food. Her cage mate is the exact opposite, he is usually hidden and does not move nearly as much. Also hisses and does not like to be held.
We have had some that would literally chase your hand trying to bite it and others that never seemed to move.
Hard to tell what kind you will have for a few months.

07/29/11  08:08am

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