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 Question regarding new MHD

First of all I did buy from a pet store, just for the simple reason I am trying to save the poor thing. I havent seen him eat yet. But I did come home and find only 1 mealworm in his bowl instead of 3. But that was 3 days ago. He won’t eat crickets, and he is not that active. He usually just finds him a good spot on a branch and doesnt move unless I move him. He looks relatively healthy but he has what appears to be a dry spot of skin going from the top of his head to the middle of his back. I am a bit of a worrier, so advice would be great. He is going to a vet this weekend, but until then I would love to see him eat. It would be make me feel better. I also have never seen him drink from his pond. And yes, it is moving water. I did force feed him a few drops of Gatorade a few days ago. I am worried. I didn’t think it was possible to get attached to a lizard.

04/07/10  03:35am


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  Message To: Covinlm   In reference to Message Id: 2138974

 Question regarding new MHD

Thats great on u to Rescue him from the pet store, i swear some places shouldnt even be allowed to sell pets, they dont even know how to house or give advice at all about what u need to know. Mine is actually doing the same thing, they are in the middle of shedding, plus the added combo of a new environment and being from a pet store he is most likely wild caught. One thing i noticed is that cecelia(thats my MHD) doesnt like crickets at all, she has a bit of a taste for superworms, u should be careful about the mealworms, they are more fat then nutrients. But since he is still chilling out on his branch ur ok, its when they spend most of their time on the ground when u need to really start to worry, Also what the size of ur cage, as these guys need a really big one about 4ft high, 3 ft wide 1’6" deep. but here is an awsome site that will really help u out. when u go to see the vet make sure u take a feces sample that they can test for persites and what not.


04/07/10  08:34am


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  Message To: Chatterbox92245   In reference to Message Id: 2138996

 Question regarding new MHD

Or try Nightcrawlers, My female MHD LOVES them!! She eats about 2 or 3 a day. My male on the other hand turns his nose up at worms and will only eat crix!! Maybe try soaking him in a tub of warm water (about up to his chest) that should help with his skin.

Glad he’s drinking though, mine don’t pay any attention to their (very expensive) waterfall and will only drink the water off the leaves and vines when I mist their enclosure.

04/07/10  05:49pm


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  Message To: Jbean7916   In reference to Message Id: 2139095

 Question regarding new MHD

My baby girl Mountain Horned Dragons name is "ACE", the guys at the pet store said she was around 3 years old(maybe shes younger.) She is pretty thin but a good length, pretty dark and light shades of brown.She loves crickets with calcium powder better than just plain crickets. At first she was pretty active, rambunctious even. She would climb up my shoulder in my hair and perch on top of my head. She likes to tower over things, or she would fall asleep on my chest and id wrap a jacket or blanket over us to keep her warm. Last night she started acting a little strange. She was very lethargic and kept going limp, of course she was breathing but she wouldnt even open her eyes. She has been sleeping all day, hasn’t even woken up to eat a cricket or drink from her Exo-Terra waterfall. I am also looking for some advice on heat and humidity... I have a Repti Basking Spot Lamp 50W. Should I get another light to raise the temp, and just have two
lights.. Thank You for your time and consideration.

11/03/12  08:35pm

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