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 A little update

Hi All, most people probably do not know us, we haven’t posted much since we moved back to Alabama in 2006.
Just a little back info on us for those that do not know.
We more or less run a refuge for reptiles. We take in any and all injured or sick lizards, (no snakes)
We have a blind Uromastyx, one missing a leg, a beardie missing a leg and another partially blind beardie.
Unfortunately we are no longer taking in beardies or uros until all of our current ones pass on. The reason for this that we had up to 8 bearded dragons at one point, we started out thinking about breeding them and one gorgeous yellow beardie we took in turned out to have the beardie virus that is very contagious and ended up killing 3 of our long tern beardies, two came from the same place that has since admitted most of their stock has tested positive for this.
We are so paranoid about this that two cages I spent a lot of time building, staining, wiring and then lining with lexan have been cleaned, bleached aired out and still two years later they are in storage scared to use them.
We took in a 4 foot iguana from a guy I worked with that had her in a 4 foot cage in his apartment. She is now in a 8X6 cage and can climb, run around and a water container she can crawl into and submerge herself in.
We also have two Sulcata tortoises that we got as tiny babies, one of them had a beak deformity and we took both of them in. The ones lower beak grows out and up away from the other so it will not grind down naturally, we have to cut it every few months.

Our MHD’s are kept inside the house, Isis the first reptile we ever got together recently passed away, she was an adult we got from Petsmart back in July of 2002.
Another adult female that is even larger than Isis ever was is Hera, we were driving through Arizona and picked her up from another member of these boards. She was so mean she was returned to the pet store he worked at. When we first got her she would run and jump at your fingers trying to bite you. She was a dull color and didn’t ever perk up. After 3 years she is now one of the most gorgeous red and green speckling I have seen, but she will not let me take her picture that way, once I open the door she moves and darkens up.
Our other two little spoiled kids we got from a herp show in Oregon.

We thought this was Aphrodite, now it’s more an Ares, hasn’t grown really long but body is filling out.
This one is Nefertiti, she is by far the most active always getting into trouble.
When you open the upper door to their cage if you have food she comes scrambling up plants, limbs the climbing rope and screen to jump onto your hand, or if you don’t have a worm ready she will run up your arm and jump onto your chest. now I just take the top off of the worms and put it in the cage to let her eat her fill.

These photos are a few years old, I haven’t updated this site in a couple of years, need to soon.
We have had a variety of other MHD’s over the years, we took in a lep with a broken jaw, his girlfriend.
Two other leps and Capra’s that had far more medical problems than we could help them with.
We have had other lizards come and go, the petstore will let me take them home and get them healthy again. He wasn’t happy when I got a Nile Monitor back to how it should be and the docile sweet sick lizard turned out to be a mean pissy monitor that just wanted to eat and bite.
We admit, we have had more lizards die on us than most people because my wife normally doesn’t get interested in it unless there is something wrong with it or someone else doesn’t want it.
We will try to help if we can, but do not always have the time to get on.
If you need help and we dont’ answer here you can email Bobbi at
Have a nice day
Trent and Bobbi

11/17/09  10:57pm


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 A little update

Nefertiti looks a lot like my MHD, Shinyuu! :)
All the stuff you’re doing is awesome! Once I’m out of College, I plan on doing something similar. Any tips?

01/03/10  06:36pm


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  Message To: Frocto   In reference to Message Id: 2096409

 A little update

They look great! I’m going nuts trying to find a MHD in the Maryland area and its just not happening. I’d really love to find a CB one. but the only one I could get my hands on was a WC one that was not able to make it. I hope your having luck with your lizards though.

10/30/11  10:00pm

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