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 I need help with my new baby Savannah

My husband and I just bought a Savannah monitor and when we got him home we noticed his color had gotten a few shades darker than he was in the store, hes not moving as much. Today when my husband tried to feed him he didn’t want to eat. He ate just fine the first 2 days we had him. We changed his lights from a 75 watt basking bulb to 2 45-50 watt halogen bulbs. His tank is at about 80 degrees and his humidity goes from about 60-100%. We have him in about 20 gal tank right now. We need to know what we are possibly doing wrong

05/04/18  07:22pm


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 I need help with my new baby Savannah

You need to know the surface temperature of your basking spot. If you don’t have an infrared temp gun, get one. If you cage is 20 gallons and you have 80 degree temps, your humidity is not 60-100% unless you have a glass top on it, and the isn’t ideal at all. You need a bigger cage ASAP because there’s absolutely no way to create and maintain a proper heat gradient in a tank like that for these monitors, no matter how small they are. If you could post some pics of your setup, I can try and offer what advice I have, but it sounds like there are a lot of changes that need to be made pretty quickly for the health and well-being of the monitor.

05/10/18  11:04am

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