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 Help With Curious Questions On Savannah Monitor

Hi guys i was wondering if someone can help me in answering some questions i had about my savannah monitor. i noticed that for the 2 months its neck is starting to get fat looking. its main diet is horned worms and crickets i give him boiled eggs once a week and meal worms whenever he takes them (he doesn’t usually eat meal worms). i was also wondering what vitamins should i coat his crickets in. hes about 8 inches long his housing at the moment is a plywood tank 2 feet deep 4 feet long and 2 feet tall. i have 2 uvb lights in there his basking spot gets to about 130 F and his cool side stays about 90 F during the day at night is heat side goes from 100 F and the cool side goes down to 70 F with a water dish on the cool side. soil is a mixture of desert sand coconut husk about 5 inches deep. humidity is usually 60%. Also i was wondering how can i feed him ground turkey and or chicken breast (what are the proper way to prepare them). Thank you In advance.

04/05/18  07:22pm


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 Help With Curious Questions On Savannah Monitor

Pics would help a lot with the diagnosis of the fat neck concern, but it may just be that his neck is filling out. Not uncommon with savs as they grow. Their neck is generally almost as wide, if not as wide as the base of their skull once they’re grown. Your setup doesn’t sound too far off, but I prefer a mix of sand and topsoil over the coconut husk. That’s probably a matter of personal preference tho. As far as vitamins go, I used a calcium supplement, which is pretty common to find anywhere that sells reptile supplies. Multivitamins are a bit trickier since different brands can have different ingredients. If your monitor’s diet is varied enough and only high quality foods are being offered, supplementation with a multivitamin probably isn’t necessary, but if you do want to use one, I’d say find the one that has the broadest spectrum of vitamins and stick with that. I, for one, don’t think that ground meat from the deli or chicken breasts are a suitable food source for any monitor really, as you’re denying them the important vitamins and trace elements that are included when offering whole foods. If you simply want something that’s easy to thaw and feed directly in a pinch, I freeze bags of chopped whole foods and thaw out portions as I need them. My food is a mix of whole baby chickens, hairless mice/rats, and wild caught fish (gizzard shad, bluegill, carp, bass, drum). I just chop the whole animals up, mix them together, and freeze them. My monitor is significantly bigger than yours, so chopping them into bite sized pieces is probably easier. When my monitor was smaller, I did the same thing, but used a food processor to create a mixed food "paste" so to speak. Never had any issues at all getting my monitor to eat it, and he has been growing like a weed ever since. Hope that helped. Not a whole lot of members left here, but I try to get on daily to help anyone with questions, so feel free to ask anything you’d like.

04/06/18  08:30am

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