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 New savannah not eating, force feed?

i just recently got a new Savannah monitor, put him in a 8x4x4 plywood vivarium and tried to offer him some crickets. unlike my other two monitors, who both ate immediately after being put in their new home, this fella is refusing everything offered. I’d be less worried if he hadn’t come to me already emaciated, and im wondering at what point i should start "assist-feeding" him. here are some bits of info regarding his cage:
dimensions: 8x4x4
substrate: 6 inches deep of chemical free potting soil and peet moss
heating: a combination of ceramic heat emitters and uv bulbs
temperature: 130 basking spot and 84 ambient
water: a bowl that measures 1.5 feet across
misc: rocks in the basking spot and a cow pelvis for climbing. also, lots of hides.

02/05/18  10:25am


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  Message To: Michielmaesen   In reference to Message Id: 2321872

 New savannah not eating, force feed?

I read somewhere that we should not force feed try earth works night crawlers and minnows mine love these also mine will not eat much If dyhydrated I keep soil moist and have a humifier going

03/28/18  09:09pm

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