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Mark wallach
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 Savannah monitor not eating

A little over a week ago I got a savannah monitor at a reptile show, and it was kinda a last minute thing and he hasn’t eaten since, I’ve looked up online and gotten him chicken, we’ve tried a mouse (live) and he did nothing to ether of them, the mouse wasn’t even scared of it, lol it just walked on top of him and he didn’t flinch, tho the enclosure is not complete, because like I said before, it was a last minute purchase and we didn’t expect to get him, but this weekend I plan to finish it, just needed to know if that’s the reason he’s not eating, he doesn’t like to be held either, he’ll sit in your hand for maybe a minute before he tries to get away. I believe he’s about a year old, I currently have him in I think it’s a 55gal tank, not 100% sure and his body (not including tail) is like 1/4 of the length of the tank.

02/05/18  02:54am

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