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 Question baby asian water monitor

I have a baby asian water monitor that I have had for the past 4 days the basking tem is 105° and cool side is 85° humidity is at 80. Is it normal for them to stay in there hide alot?. I never see it eat either but I think it is as I no longer see the meal worms. Is this normal behavior for it to stay so hidden or is it just acclimating to its new environment?.

10/14/17  02:09pm


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 Question baby asian water monitor

I’m sure I’m a bit late responding to this, but your basking temp is a bit low. I’d bump it up to about 120-125. How are you measuring the temperature? If that’s the air temp and notthe surface temp that makes a huge difference. If you post some details of your enclosure and/or pics, I can help try and get it to a point where he’s more comfortable with his surroundings and you’ll see more of him. Just judging from what you posted already... If your basking surface temp is 105 and your coop side air temps are 85, that leads me to believe you are either running multiple lights across the enclosure, or your enclosure is probably on the small side for such a low gradient from a single heat source. Again, post some specs and we can work it out.

11/30/17  11:40am

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