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 Extremely bad stuck shed on ackie

Hi I got a rescue ackie a little over a year ago it came to us with missing front toes which we where told was down to it always digging. She is very small for her age and missing the top of her tail too.

She has been shedding her body fine tho I’ve never seen her tail shed, thinking she may have burried it and no signs of her tail going into or having stuck shed I left it.

Well today i noticed it having a small peice of what looked like stuck shed so I pulled on it to find the reason her tail has never shed is years worth of stuck shed and the underneath skin smells awful the only way to get the skin off her has been to use a needle to pull it away, she normally is a bitey bugger but she sat perfectly allowing me to prise years of dead skin off her not once biting and moving her tail around which she has never done before.

Now to the question when removing the skin some of scales underneath got damaged and a little bloody what can I use to clean it

Also didn’t manage to get it all off this time as it is soo bad feel awful for her having had it neglected like that and then even me not noticing :(

08/31/17  12:35pm

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