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 Dietary supplementation (Fish variety)

Hey y’all, used this forum previously when I first got into keeping monitors. Got out for a bit over a year, and was inadvertently brought back into the hobby when I had a monitor surrendered on my stoop. I am well versed in hero care, as I’ve been keeping them for 21 years now, monitors for only 8, however. My question is fairly simple. I try to offer a wide variety of foods to my monitors, but have never really included much fish in the diet as I’ve previously kept monitors that would not have much access to fish in the wild. (Sav’s and Ackies) The new monitor is one that would have regular access to fish in its native environment, so I’d like to include fish in its captive diet as well. Is there any worry that feeding wild caught bait fish species (gizzard shad, darters, a variety of minnow species) may expose the monitor to parasites? I would like to include a few minnow species as well as crayfish and eventually cut up rough fish (gar, sucker, carp, bowfin) to simulate a natural diet, and just wanted to see if the group here had any reservations to doing so. Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated.


08/12/17  02:22am


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 Dietary supplementation (Fish variety)

Hey Bughuul, honestly sounds fine to me but I’m not 100% sure on all the types of fish you listed there. I had fed my adult argus some goldfish, silverside and river smelt (mostly silverside and smelt) and he was happy to choke it down. I wish I had access to as many wild caught types as you do. I say go for it. Good thing about Varanids is that they are hardy and forgiving lizards.

08/17/17  12:58am


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  Message To: Norf   In reference to Message Id: 2321076

 Dietary supplementation (Fish variety)

I would think parasites would definitely be a risk... I get the "Pan-Ready Whiting" from walmart, still has the vertebrae and skin intact, a 2lb bag is like $6, let thaw for an hour and serve, I also check out the Asian food markets when I’m in that area to find deals

09/04/17  08:47pm

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