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SavannahSissy   Michielmaesen  

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 Need some info ASAP.

Hi am new to having and caring for a Savannah Monitor, my dad and his girlfriend bought a Savannah Monitor without really any info known about this guy. We don’t know the exact she and just today found out he was a boy, while using the bathroom. Anyways first want to double check about the"white poop" is that indeed calicum?
But my main reason for this is... His girl seen something online that he was only and or of his encloser for 15minutes. I honestly don’t see how that can be true, bc 1-they live in the wild, 2-they say they get bored easy so keep them stimulated. But what do I know....? I have a few other questions also do of someone can reach out to me please do ASAP. Thanks Everyone!!!

08/04/17  07:13am


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 Need some info ASAP.

stimulation: put in tunnels and rocks
white poop is normal

02/05/18  10:28am

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