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 Savannah Monitor Handling

Hi! I got a baby Savannah monitor these days and I am trying to build trust with him.

I usually feed him with tongs.

I allure him to get on my hand (I never touch his food with my hands) and let him have it.

Here is the thing. He usually tries to hit my hand with his claws like digging the ground, push his head between my fingers and bites me.

He is still a baby, so I just let him do whatever he wants. When that happens, I just wait for him to let me go.

It seems that he can’t distinguish between his foods and my hands.. though.. ((I never touch his food with my hands)

Is it normal?

or are there any tips to teach him the lesson ?

I don’t know what I really should do for him..

I hope I delivered my messages very clearly.. since I am not a native speaker.

In my country, most of reptiles keepers tend to tame their pets with force and that is the last thing I’d do, so I would be really appreciated ur help and advices..

Thank you for reading!

07/28/17  06:16am


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  Message To: Aaaa2852   In reference to Message Id: 2320917

 Savannah Monitor Handling

Hi. I just got a older Savannah and this doesn’t answer ur question but am trying to learn also and I got bit by mine and it hurt lol he did make me bleed but it was my fault. Anyways my dad’s girlfriend says that I shouldn’t handle him more then 15 mins do u know if that is true I don’t believe it but just want to get as much info as possible bc I will be taken of him any information will be appreciated!

08/04/17  07:19am


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  Message To: SavannahSissy   In reference to Message Id: 2320984

 Savannah Monitor Handling

Have had mine for almost 5 years and still he does not like to be held. I’ve read they will tolerate being held but that is it. I would be careful of the biting mine just bit me the other day and it toke me and my son to privet his mouth open for he would not let go and my finder was a mess I almost had to get stitches but put glue on it super glue! Brenda

03/27/18  10:49pm

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