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 Cage Measurements

Hi all,

I am currently considering buying a baby savannah monitor (around 4weeks). For the past 3-4 months I’ve gathered loads of information from local pet shops, youtube videos and also forums. I also know that a bunch of youtube videos hand out an improper care tutorial regarding the savs. But at this, I think I’ve got a pretty clear idea regarding the care and upkeep of a savannah monitor. I currently own a leopard gecko and a blue tongue skink. Now I know that savannah monitors’ care are not the same as my current pets and some might say that it’s a huge leap to go from such beginner lizards to a savannah. I’ve asked that question to myself and also to some local pet shop owners and they didn’t discourage me at all. So my first question is do you think it’s a complete different experience and responsibility when dealing with Savs? In addition to that, I also have a specific question which frankly I can’t seem to find a proper answer for it. This being, is it fine to house a baby savannah monitor in an adult cage (8feetx4x4) immeadiately and keep it that way or should a baby savannah be housed in a relatively smaller cage, then gradually move it in an adult cage once it reaches a certain length? For the past 3 days I’ve been reading several subjects discussed on here and I know you guys can be pretty ’strict’ if you can call it that, when giving advice prior to someone acquiring a pet but I know you do it with the animal’s best interest at heart & I admire that. That’s why Ive come to you guys to seek detailed info. Thanks for reading and hope you kindly answer my questions :)

PS Hope the message was clear enough, if not excuse my English. It’s not my first language :D

05/31/17  06:53am


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 Cage Measurements

Hi the only problem with putting a baby lizard into an adult sized enclosure is that you may experience what some people call empty cage syndrome and basically what that is is that your lizard will be hiding a lot and you may find it difficult to get any interaction with it. Your Sav on the other hand might really enjoy it haha. As far as getting a Sav after only having experience with a gecko and a skink i mean it’s been done. I believe that as long as you understand the housing and dieting needs of these lizards and are willing to dedicate time and money then having prior experience won’t matter that much you’ll get the experience as you go. I got into monitors from pythons so i wasn’t even used to feeding my captives daily haha best of luck to you.

06/13/17  09:45pm

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