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Mikeyyyb   Norf  

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 Savanna monitor lighting

Hey guys,
I am new to this and just got a new savanna monitor. I was wondering if for his Basking spot I can use 1 flood light and a ceramic heat bulb? Would this be OK as long as the surface temp did not get above 140 degrees? I have him in a 8x4x4 with a foot of dirt👍 and a uvb light on his cool side of the viv.

03/06/17  06:22am


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 Savanna monitor lighting

Hi yes that sounds fine and 140 is quite hot you could even do with just the CHE it’s how i have my argus. But getting proper temps is most important so if you get your target basking temp using both of them then by all means use them. You could even go deeper than a foot but that’s good! I’m sure you know that UV lighting is not mandatory with varanids considering they get most of their calcium from bones in a whole foods diet. Dusting inverts with a D3 calcium powder is also beneficial as the vitamin D3 will help metabolize the calcium. Best of luck!

03/24/17  11:41pm

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