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JinglesJr1992   Steven Stevenson  

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 Help!!! Water monitor loose in home

Hello my friends two foot Water monitor has escaped in his home. Any tips or tricks on how to find them. We have turned the house upside down trying to find it. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated thanks 🙂

02/06/17  06:01pm


Steven Stevenson
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  Message To: JinglesJr1992   In reference to Message Id: 2320271

 Help!!! Water monitor loose in home

Hello. Seems like you’re in a bit of a predicament :). Don’t worry though, it will show up. I’ve had a few snakes get out on me and there are a few methods you can try.

1. lightly sprinkle flour on the floor if it’s a tile floor before you go to bed at night. If they walk through it, you’ll have a decent idea where they went
2. put plastic bags in front of doorways and keep the noise down in the house and wait. You might be able to hear it if it exits or enters a room in the house
3. (my personal favorite) Get a couple of freshly killed rats that are appropriately sized for your monitor and put them on the floor on top of a heat pad in a room thats easily observable. Then place a fan in front of the rats on a low setting to disperse their scent. The lizard should come out of hiding if it smells the rats.
4. Patience. it will most likely come out on its own. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Happy hunting!

02/06/17  06:57pm

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