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Steven Stevenson
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 Savannah Monitor Advice (Please help)

Hello everyone. I just created my account after reading through quite a bit of the forums. The information seems really good and I was hoping to get some good advice.

I recently rescued a Savannah monitor from a guy who bought it from Backwater reptiles in hopes that I could bring it back to health about a week ago. The monitor is around 16 inches long and is very thin. I can see its hip bones and its fat reserves on its tail are pretty much all gone. On top of this, his eyes were a bit sunken in when I got him and his skin was dry/wrinkly/ did not return to normal after I pinched it. He has little to no appetite. Tong feeding was successful once and he ate 11 wax worms, 2 superworms, and a pinkie mouse; however, this is the only time he’s eaten in the week I’ve been caring for him. I’ve been offering dubia roaches, meal worms, super worms, crickets, ground turkey, scrambled eggs, and wax worms all dusted lightly with calcium+D3 supplement in a dish that he has easy access to and can see. He’s pretty lethargic and doesn’t move around much except for going to his basking spot or to his hide once or twice a day. He doesn’t really soak in water or drink water either. I’ve left him alone for a few days but when I did handle him (In order to assess his current health status) he walked around the room normally. He isn’t defensive when handled except he tries to back out of my hands. No biting or tail whipping or hissing or puffing.

Husbandry: 8x4x4 custom made by me. 20-24 inches of dirt/sand in a 60/40 mixture that retains moisture well and holds a burrow (not that he’s burrowed but I created an artificial one). temps are 75-80 on the cool side and 100-110 on the hot side. basking spot is 130-145 degrees made with two 45 watt bulbs and a ceramic heat emitter (i keep the ceramic heat emitter on a night). humidity is kept a bit on the high side since hes dehydrated and is 80%-85% on the cool side and 50-60% on warm side (I do this using a reptile fogger). He has a dish that is large enough for him to soak in and a few bricks that act as stairs in it so he can get in and out easily. a couple hides throughout the enclosure and a log for climbing. the basking spot is elevated up about 8 inches above the ground and he spends most of his time under the elevated basking spot, where the temp is 85 degrees on average and humidity is 65% on average.

His condition doesn’t seem to be improving nor worsening. However, his lack of appetite is disturbing given his husbandry is correct and offered diet is correct. He’s pooped once since I’ve had him in his water dish. It had the correct consistency and coloration being dark-brown and solid with some give to it and was attached to the urate.

The man whom I got the monitor from said he offered the same diet and he did not eat. He said he had him for a week before he posted the add on craigslist and offered it up for free because he was worried it would die under his care. He had it in a 120 gallon custom build tank (4x2x2) that was constructed completely of wood and plexiglass where he had the proper husbandry except for soil depth and it was 6-8 inches from what I saw.

Backwater reptiles advertises cb savannah’s but then say they are field collected, which is odd. I am also fully aware of their reputation.

I’ve completely left it alone for three days. Prior to that, I gave it baths in warm water with a bit of pedialyte in a large sink where it seemed comfortable in order to attempt to hydrate him.

Any advice on where to go from here? Help would be greatly appreciated

02/05/17  11:38am

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