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Shane1989 water moni   Lizard geek  

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Shane1989 water moni
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 Need info

So i got a water monitor trying to get it right. tank is a 80 gl has heat rock.rock caves and a root systemrocd a water dish .monitor is 14 in long and keeps eyes shut one opens and he opens them every now and then.

01/03/17  04:05pm


Lizard geek
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  Message To: Shane1989 water moni   In reference to Message Id: 2320050

 Need info

Well, If you are serious about keeping this animal alive, you just made a major life change. Don’t get me wrong they are worth it, but 100x more difficult than you ever expected. Start doing homework, lots of digging thru forums doing searches that mostly use terms like "water monitor" , "v. salvator", "varinus salvator" etc... you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Any you tube videos you’ve seen, look at dates most of em end completely in months if not weeks. 80 gallon Tank=bad, pet store heat rock also bad. get rid of screen top for wood, humidity is a must,

If you look up enough things there’s a trip to home depot in your near future. Good luck.

01/08/17  06:48pm

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