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Lizard geek
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 Trying to figgure out what this is

Hi, So I kinda bought a "monitor" on impulse here. Let me tell you the story.

I was walking around downtown los Angeles after a job interview. Passing thru the fashion district I saw some reptiles hidden behind some parakeets at one of the shady "pet stores" stuck in between the clothes shops. So I decided to take a look. There was a "monitor" hatchling stuck in a little 2&1/2 gallon aquarium. I started looking at it, and it seemed to be appraising me too. So when I asked what it was the woman just said it was a monitor. When I asked what they were feeding it she said 2 or 3 crickets a week. She also said she had it for about three weeks at this point. I couldn’t see any saliva, crust or bubbles around the nose and mouth. No signs of ticks, and its eyes were bright and alert. So light by 30 bucks I took it home.

At first I kinda thought it may be a Nile, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t just from slow growth rate. Its also kinda mellow doesn’t wanna be messed with,for a monitor is low agro, hisses and stomps off to the hide but comes back out fairly quickly.

For the time being I’m running my best guess at a healthy set up for an unknown monitor.
Its in a plastic tub, 48"x18"x24", I’ve cut a hole in the lid for the light, 65w outdoor flood, basking spot temp guns at 115-120 at the height of the day. humidity is usually 74% but gets to 83 or so if its near time I’ve misted. I’m using an organic additive free soil and sphagnum moss for substrate.
For food I started with crickets, Now we’re at pinkies 1-2 a day, with crickets free roaming until they vanish. It eats and poops daily. doesn’t use the water bowl as much as I originally expected, but now and then it does. I built a bit of a hide tower outta some 2" strips, off the back of that is over lapping pieces of large bark and some branches running from hot side to cool side.

So far it’s been nearly 6 months and this guy has grown from 3&1/2 or 4" to about 8". Its a dull brown with faded yellow spots. Ackie maybe? I’ll get some pics up when I can. Thanks.
Any guesses at what this might be are welcome...

12/16/16  12:54am


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  Message To: Lizard geek   In reference to Message Id: 2319880

 Trying to figgure out what this is


12/17/16  07:32pm


Lizard geek
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  Message To: Reptictale10   In reference to Message Id: 2319881

 Trying to figgure out what this is

Well, I took pics... after I got it into the light and got the camera to zoom, Its blatant what this is. I have a savannah monitor, and my savannah monitor has an idiot for an owner. Tomorrow its off to home depot, More substrate for us, until I got the cash to build a proper box. At 4 inches it was a lil tougher to tell, but at 8" ish all I can do is laugh at myself. Is there restrictions on posting an image? I cant seem to pull up the spot to add attachments. Soon as I figure that out I’d be happy to post em.

12/17/16  11:12pm

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