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Valiantonias   Bmxking658  

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 Custom Enclosure Advice

I am looking at building a custom enclosure for a savannah monitor. It is a plywood and acrylic build. What thickness should I use for the acrylic? Also I was planning on using a design in this kind of shape.
_ <-----mounts for lights
/ <-----sliding vents to adjust heat/humidity
| | <-----acrylic panels for windows and doors
----- <----- acrylic panel over plywood

Overall dimensions are 4x5x8.
Is that going to be big enough for a full grown monitor to be comfortable and happy?

10/27/16  01:39am


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  Message To: Valiantonias   In reference to Message Id: 2319696

 Custom Enclosure Advice

Acrylic sucks. I’ve used it on some builds in the past and it scratches so easily. Especially if you are going to use it for a sav. It will kick dirt onto it and when you wipe it clean it will scratch it too. Ive also used it on high heat high humidity enclosures and it always seems to bow. That never happened on low humidity enclosures but once again this is for a sav. Just my 2 cents. Figure out a way to use glass. Tracks are eazy to build but dont go that route if its close to the substrate or else the dirt will constantly get in the tracks. Ive made glass doors by using flat wood and a router and using silicon to hold it in. That worked great. I think the sliding window approach works the best. It’s expensive because it’s a household window and you probably won’t find a used one the size you want too easily but it’s simple to install, looks great, functions great, bug proof, and holds in heat and humidity extremely well.

05/07/17  05:01pm

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