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 Timor monitor help

Alright, well where do I begin? I got two baby male Timor monitors at a reptile show in Hamburg, PA. I’m starting to think ones a girl, we’ll save that for another time, but I got them on August 6. They are quite lively in that they seem to be active. However, they only seem to be active when I’m not in the room. I know this because whenever I walk into the room and they see me, I always hear running, however they have gotten a lot better in that now they will come out when I’m in the room as long as I don’t make eye contact, or go near the enclosure. They have a nice warm basking site, and a bowl that they swim in. They also have a ready supply of food to eat, but that’s where my problems start. I have roaches in their enclosure as well as some crickets. I don’t have too many though so that the monitors aren’t bothered. On the contrary, it is hard to see how many are in there at one time because the insects like to hide in the cork bark. I know the monitors are eating because I see droppings in the cage every day that I take out every three days. So my question is, should I keep leaving some insects inside for them to eat whenever, or establish a feeding time for these guys? I’ve also been trying to feed them thawed pinkies, but my luck with that is very minimal. However, yesterday I had a pinky in the enclose, since they don’t trust me enough to be tong fed yet, and it disappeared. Obviously the crickets and roaches could t eat one that quickly, so obviously one of them ate the pinky. Oh yeah, I know how long it takes the bugs to eat a pinky and its forever lol. Do you guys have any ideas or tricks for getting to the point of tong feeding these guys or no? Also, when I do handle them, they wriggle around a little bit, but usually calm down ten seconds after, and seem to be more interested in other things then me. I still have to keep a firm, but not too firm, grasp on them because I don’t entirely trust them yet, but they don’t usually try running away. They don’t seeem to mind handling too much. Is that normal? Thanks for any help. All is appreciated.

08/28/16  10:10pm

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