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 Savannah monitor help

I recently purchased my very first Savannah monitor. I have owned other lizards and I have done plenty of research on them so I was well prepared. His tank is set up perfectly along with its temperatures. However he isn’t eating. It’s been two days since I got him and I’m pretty worried. He is also still very timid around me. He hissed at me today while handling him. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I was wondering if this is normal for them being in a new tank and all? Also is there anyway I might be able to urge him to eat?

08/17/16  04:15pm


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 Savannah monitor help

Post pics of your set up.
My guess is that your husbandry is way, way off. If you have this animal in a "tank" meaning fish tank, you are off to a terrible start.

Aquariums are for fish and should never be used for reptiles.

Screen tops with a light on top is an antiquated 1970’s pet shop disaster. Without seeing your set up it’s hard to say but my guess is that you have not provided anywhere near adequate husbandry. You need deep substrate (approx 24" MINIMUM) solid topped enclosure with the lights mounted inside, thermal gradient from 65F-120F as measured with a temp gun, lots of hides available (not 1/2 round pet store nonsense, actual hides that allow the animal to wedge/squeeze itself into, if you can lift it up and expose the animal, it’s worthless)
Then you need to leave the animal alone, for a long time. Food in, poo out, observe, do not handle.
These animals are tanks, with proper husbandry the animal will thrive, without it you are just slowly killing an amazing creature.

08/18/16  12:51pm

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