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 Nile Monitor information/questions!

I have a young Nile Monitor that my girlfriend and I bought in October. He’s about 8 or 9 inches (haven’t measured him yet but surely a few months old) and has a wicked skittish personality. He never bites, hisses, or whips his tail. The only thing this guy does is get scared and run. After a month or so of letting him settle in we’ve attempted some handling sessions which (most we could not get our hands on him, too fast and didn’t want to stress him out to stress him out TOO much) and those seem to be OK.

He’s very skittish, does anybody know if there’s a way we could draw out a bit more confidence in him? Also, we’ve only been feeding him dusted crickets. We’ve tried pinkie mice before but he doesn’t seem interested. Any advice for that?

02/10/16  03:30pm


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 Nile Monitor information/questions!

Try a more varied diet other then pinkies or crickets, when my Water/Savannah monitors were small they never touched a rodent they ate a variety of insects until they were large juveniles-sub adults. He’s skittish because he’s so small and monitors with Niles being one of them aren’t really the hand able type varanid they are a more display type. When you try to hold him and he doesn’t want to be bothered let him be because it’ll just cause stress and that takes a huge toll on babies. You can try to carefully approach him, tong feed him or let him see whose providing food, even stick your hand by him to see how he reacts if he runs away he’s scared or if he crawls up your arm your a step close to building trust but keep in mind this is a monitor and Nile at that so there’s a chance when he’s a 5-6’ adult he’ll have so much confidence you won’t be able to handle without a fight. Time for settling in varies but you can try other insects like dubia roaches,flies,moths,beetles,grasshoppers, other worms etc... Also too much rodents is extremely bad for health.

To me in experience Niles are one of the less trusting monitors.

02/10/16  06:46pm

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