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Charles Lee Ray
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 Staying burrowed

Anyone on here who has a monitor notice how much their lizard stays in its burrow. Mine has several burrows she has excavated and stays in for days at a time. I keep track of her food and behavior, coding -1 for never coming out and a numerical value for how many mice she eats. I take the values and enter them into excel at the end of each month. For January, she stay inside her burrow 42% of the time or 13 out of 31 days of the month. She eats an average of 3 fuzzes a day sometimes going a few days without eating. When she’s warmed up (basking spot is 120-150f) she will devour four fuzzes, maybe more I haven’t offered more than four. The temperatures range from 78-85f with 80%R/H depending on the time of day. Being an Argus monitor I thought she’d be more active, everyone always said they are hyperactive naturally. Any thoughts are welcome :0)

02/04/16  06:18pm


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 Staying burrowed


02/06/16  10:03am


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  Message To: 3240   In reference to Message Id: 2316942

 Staying burrowed

usually a monitor who stays buried means that it is either scared or the humidity is too low in the enclosure. Is the enclosure in a high traffic area?

02/09/16  12:26am


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  Message To: Yaksha   In reference to Message Id: 2316962

 Staying burrowed

I agree with yaksha...before I started using timers my humidity would drop for all my tropics and the majority would dig under substrate or soak.

02/09/16  12:12pm

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