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Arvin k
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 Black throat monitor ????

Hey guys before anything I just want to thank everyone in advance for any advice you guys can give!

I finally got my BTM & realized everything I’ve read still left me wondering about a few things , he’s about 15-20 inches long was told is about 3 mo. Old ? If that sounds right let me know , anyways one of the questions I have is about feeding he really loves his ground turkey & pinkies supers as well , I got him like 3-4 days ago & was a crazy lil guy hissing whipping like crazy but since day 2 he calmed down a lot and let’s me hand feed him but I feel sometimes he’s not completely full and I’m worried to leave meat and dead mice in his cage for long after so he doesn’t eat bad meat any advice on if I should leave it in or how long to leave it in ?

Another thing I was wondering is how do I know he’s big enough to eat fuzzies and larger rodents , I really want to buy in bulk online (rather go local if you guys know a place in LA) & don’t want to get a couple hindered pinkies if he can eat larger mice or vise versa

Also I’m trying not to handle him but I took him out today to put him in a tub to eat crickets which didn’t work out and he smelled horrible so I gave him a bath , I know I’m suppose to leave him alone but is force handling ok to give him baths and clean his cage or am I just suppose to let him be for a couple weeks ?

12/14/15  11:26pm

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