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 Nile water monitor NEED HELP STARVING ??

My friend has a Nile water monitor and I don’t believe it’s getting taken care of correctly I am 19 yrs old with my 9 month old son I don’t have time to really mess with the monitor him or her . But it’s very aggressive everything someone goes by the glass it looks u down or attacks it or hits it with its tail for one the tank I’m sure is to small he don’t have much room to move around . It’s screen is on top the other half is a board and he always covers it’s water with the shavings that are in the cage . When I first moved in they hadn’t fed it for about 3 weeks . There other roommate started giving it lil mini hot dogs .... then he got yelled at for doing so .. ND I looked up a lil bit and I got it cricket things and reaches.. I got yelled at then they didn’t clean the tank after me being here for 3 months so my boyfriend and I did so we didn’t use gloves cause I was told it hurts them so we just protected our arms when picking him up he didn’t want to let go though we finally got it cleaned and I told the owners they need to feed him they continue not to so I bought two white feeding mice he ate them and like three days later I bought two more the owner was suppose to feed it but instead let the mice die in a box and threw it in the field ... so I stopped messing with the lizard cause I always was told I’m wrong don’t mess with it ... well I got fed up and tell other roommate fed it hot dogs again ... now just two days ago I went to the pet store and got a black feeding mouse is what they gave me ... it is still in the tank and the lizard has not ate it and don’t want anything to do with it the mouse jumps on his head too . Why isn’t he eating ???? Wouldn’t u think he is hungry for not eating ... I was trying to sneak it a mouse without the owner knowing cause it’s not being fed but it didn’t work since he isn’t eating it and the reason I know cause the monitor stays in my room and they don’t mess with it the owner trying to tell me they can go up to 11 months with no food I know that can’t be true he has to be starving it .. he also said there not to be held just for observation ND I said he was dumb for even saying that ... I never had experience with a Nile monitor I just had my iguana and he was well taken care of that was my baby can someone please give me some advice what do with this monitor that’s not even mine ?

12/04/15  05:45pm


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  Message To: Loveeshell   In reference to Message Id: 2315986

 Nile water monitor NEED HELP STARVING ??

Report the idiot he needs that lizard taken away. I have a 7 foot water monitor and a 4 foot savannah monitor and its no way in heck their going off feed that long and won’t be pissed at me and my water monitor will try to rip my hand to shreds. Its not your lizard and I understand your trying but can do so much. He’s not being housed and feed correctly and take out the mouse. The lizard is extremely stressed and this owner makes me sick, I don’t get angry easily but this aggravated me. Like seriously hotdogs I don’t even feed that to my dogs and I don’t own Niles but a young Nile that can go 11 months off feed and be okay I don’t buy it. He’s refusal to feed problem is because the poor husbandry and care is given to him. Only way you can help is by reporting him to animal control or police.

12/04/15  10:27pm

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