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The animals weren’t in that great of shape when I got them. They weren’t kept in the best of conditions, but after a few short hours of proper heat and humidity they started chasing crickets. Seeing how ravenous they were about the crickets I decided to throw some mice in, sure enough they came right up to the tongs and grabbed them. Theyre small sub adults so this is definitely a step in the right direction, I couldn’t be happier with the feeding responses.

I really thought a lot of tlc was gonna be needed after seeing them in the flesh, but this has given me confidence in what the potential could be with them.

Please excuse the lack of craftsmanship on that rock wall hahahahahha.

08/06/12  08:59pm


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  Message To: Alex_   In reference to Message Id: 2275843


very nice. they are looking good

08/07/12  08:19am


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  Message To: Yaksha   In reference to Message Id: 2275884


They look great - check out the talons in the last picture!

Are you hoping to breed if they turn out to be male and female?

08/07/12  09:07am


Stephen foo
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  Message To: Daryl-   In reference to Message Id: 2275888


Stunning Kordy’s Alex , my favourite of the tree monitor complex i have a very nice pair and can vouch you wont be sorry with your gorgeous duo.


08/07/12  02:37pm

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