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 What are eggs supposed to feel like.

I just went down to check my eggs out and 10 of the are still nice and full. I figured I would candle them I left them in the container to do it. I used the tiny mag lite, I could see the veins in them and the dark spots in the back corners. That’s about all I could tell since I don’t really know what I am looking for. I felt a couple of them they are not hard like chicken eggs but they are definitely not soft and leathery like when they were laid. They are not a hole lot bigger either, they are just fuller witch is probably good. There is a little condensation on the sides of the egg box so I don’t think they are dry, I used a 1/1 ratio by weight. Just running this by you guys to pick your brains, It’s the first time I have moved the egg box since I put them in there. Really hoping for the best this time. The eggs are roughly 60 days in. Thanks.

06/25/12  06:08pm


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  Message To: Nd   In reference to Message Id: 2271215

 What are eggs supposed to feel like.

Let them go!! Dont bother them at all. i made that mistake one too many times. your on the right track.

06/25/12  06:11pm


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  Message To: BansheeRacer25   In reference to Message Id: 2271217

 What are eggs supposed to feel like.

Don’t mess with the eggs too much. They "should" feel sort of like parchment/papery on the surface. They will give a touch if you were to squeeze one, .... BUT DON’T! I literally don’t touch or mess with my eggs until they begin hatching or I see massive denting of concern at 1/2 or earlier in what’s expected time-wise. Even then, I do tiny things to the eggs (like add water or shuffle eggs to corners). If the eggs are overly turgid/wet/tense, crack the lid just a tiny bit for a week or so. Every time you open up the incubator and mess with eggs, you let cool and dry air in that will cause condensation on the insides of your egg boxes. If the condensation drips all over your eggs, you’ve got problems. Set em up and knock em down. 85°F, 50/50 perlite to water by weight (or less water even), a couple poke holes in the lid and let them hatch.

06/25/12  06:25pm

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