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 Can u make money from breeding ackies???

If I bred my ackie trio do u think I could sell them all and make some money? I didn’t buy them to breed originally but now I think that if I did they could pay for themselves. But what do u guys think? I don’t know how to breed them so if u know any good info help me out please. And just so u know, I’m not doing it for the money, even tho it would be nice if they could pay for themselves. So yeah how hard is it, do you think I would be able to sell all of the babies, and do u have an tips for me? Thanks.

06/16/12  04:17pm


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  Message To: WyoHunter   In reference to Message Id: 2270219

 Can u make money from breeding ackies???

They certainly "pay for themselves" and yes, you can make some money breeding. There actually are very few people who breed them year-in and year-out and the demand for them is always high. There’s no trick to breeding them. You need a pretty large cage vs size of the Monitor, heated well, substrate with some depth and feed them well. They do the rest and Ackies are one of the easier Monitors to get eggs out of and hatch out.

06/17/12  09:30am


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 2270281

 Can u make money from breeding ackies???

Just make sure your cage (more importantly your soil) is up to standards. Quality food is very important. You just have to make sure everything is up to par and they will do the rest. It does require a lot more maintence and time then just keeping them as pets. You just have to keep a close eye on the female and try to meet her needs.

06/17/12  01:47pm

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