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Krusty   Mdf   Gatorhunter  

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 Good Egg Day

This guy fathered some Red Ackie eggs that I dug up. The melamine walls are finally starting to fall apart after 7 years of running this cage with various Monitors in it. I’m going to attempt to FRP the walls with a thick layer of adhesive and salvage the cage and glass hopefully:

I found a baggy, thin Kimberley Rock girl this afternoon and went digging. Found only 5 eggs, but these are enormous eggs for Kims. Gotta be 1.5" long eyeballing them. Hopefully the babies are behemoths too in 4 months!

Kimberley Rock Monitor (Varanus glauerti) for the newer people who don’t know the species:


06/01/12  04:39pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 2268444

 Good Egg Day

not like you to be collecting monitor eggs left,right & centre!!

congrats Justin. :)

06/01/12  04:58pm


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  Message To: Mdf   In reference to Message Id: 2268445

 Good Egg Day

looking good justin. Kims are awesome looking monitors. Your male ackie has always been a real looker.

06/01/12  08:53pm

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