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 Gravid female again

she’s at the point now were she is refusing food and walking slow. This year is a little different then last, she used to to just go down and back up in the same day. Now she spends at least a few days going up and down digging in between basking. Then she will spend a couple days basking under the boards. Finally she goes down again for a day or so and does her business. She has been laying her eggs far away from the entrance, The last burrow was at least 4 feet long. Went down on the cold side and laid on the hot side. She is at the point now were I think she is done digging, and it’s time to plump up a little more. If I had to guess she will lay Saturday witch will be 37 days after her last lay. That will be her shortest time yet in between eggs. Just a guess though as I didn’t see any mating again this time. Every other time it was 45 days( just can’t see her going that long right now). That’s it just sharing, have a good night.

05/30/12  07:14pm

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