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WyoHunter   Savannahmonitorlover  

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 Ackie monitor help

I’m asking this for my friend cause he wants to get an ackie. So where is a good online pet store that sells them? Classifieds won’t work cause I live in a tiny town in the middle of no where. Will they eat dubia? Will they eat cray fish? What is a good cage size? I think that’s all he wanted to k ow so if any of u could help out that would be great!

05/25/12  10:37am


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  Message To: WyoHunter   In reference to Message Id: 2267585

 Ackie monitor help

well yes they will eat dubia roaches. and a pretty big cage is good like 6x4x4 or possible bigger. I do not have an ackie but i do know a little about them. um a good online site to get reptiles is thats where i got my savannah monitor and they ship overnight shipping and it gets there about elevin in the morning. or earlier. but good luck

05/25/12  11:21am

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