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WyoHunter   Aragarnn  

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 Questions about sav light and heating.

I’m in the process if making a 7x3x4 cage but I need help with heat and lights. How can I keep it warn at night? I can’t put a uth because of the 2 feet of dirt. And what lights do you recommend for basking spot and te rest of the cage?

05/20/12  03:36pm


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  Message To: WyoHunter   In reference to Message Id: 2266990

 Questions about sav light and heating.

Where I live, tx, night is not an issue in spring summer and parts of fall. Winter it’s too cold at night and day. So wherever you live, my suggestion is put the enclosure in a room that you can easily control temps. I put mine in a spare bedroom that I can separately and easily heat during the winter and not be uncomfortable throughout the house.

Lights, let’s use mine again as an example. During the winter I keep the entire room at 75-77 degrees which means the bare minimum of the inside of the enclosure is that. I use three to four 75 watt flood bulbs roughly 6-7 inches from the substrate for the bask and one swirly 35 watt bulb up top to light the cage. With this, the enclosure stays a consistent 87-90 degrees on the hot side with a surface temp on the bask at 135-150.

But the key was to warm the room, not just the cage. When summer really hits, that room is gonna be uncomfortable lol

05/21/12  04:13pm

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