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 No pics but cool find.......

I saw the biggest indicus I have ever seen today while driving through a dirt road near a jungle area. I was driving about 5-10 mph through a dirt road when I saw something long laying across the road. My first thought was that it had to be a monitor, but then I questioned that guess cause this "thing" literally layed across the whole road. Then I thought maybe it was a stick/log. But when I got about 50-60 feet away this "log" lifted its head up and looked in my direction. This lizard layed across the whole road. Its head was near one side of the road while its tail actually went passed the road and into the jungle. When I got closer it got up and ran straight into the jungle. I got out of my truck to see if I could see it again but it was gone. Later on I went back to the area and measured the road across. It measured a little over 6 ft! Thats one huge indicus!!!!!

Wish I had brought my camera. From now on I will be sure to have it in hand whenever I pass that area.

09/04/07  05:37am


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  Message To: Gt   In reference to Message Id: 1431333

 No pics but cool find.......

that would be a big indicus. I bet it was a komodo lol. Nice find GT, get some pics next time.

09/04/07  03:14pm


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  Message To: Gatorhunter   In reference to Message Id: 1431647

 No pics but cool find.......

Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating? lol. That would be a huge indicus, great find. Never go anywhere with out a camera!!!!


09/04/07  05:08pm


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  Message To: Reedie   In reference to Message Id: 1431751

 No pics but cool find.......

I saw a picture of a huge indicus over on the KS forum a while back that belonged to some girl. It looked like it could have been that long.

09/04/07  07:48pm

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