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 Argus Mating Pics

On a hunch the new Argus girl was íin heatí, I let my bigger, more docile male in for a go íround. She hissed a little and hid, but he advanced slowly and rapidly tongue-flicking and she is obviously ovulating again and accepted the advances in 2 minutes:

3-4 weeks to eggs, 7 months to egg hatching if all goes well. There is no doubt that I need that bigger incubator stat!


06/25/07  04:44pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 1333607

 Argus Mating Pics

That is so cool,im getting a pair of argus next month.Do you ever find it hard to keep the temps stable for such a long period of time?

06/25/07  05:08pm


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  Message To: Danielc   In reference to Message Id: 1333641

 Argus Mating Pics

If the room changes temp drastically, then a cheap hovabator (like what i am using for Ackies) will fluctuate somewhat. It changes about +- 3*F throughout the day without any ill effects. My house is set at 78*F and changes very little. I am making a homemade digital proprotional thermostat-type incubator very, very soon because Argus eggs are not going to fit in my hovabator with Ackie and Beardie eggs already in the eggs are almost chicken egg size w/ Argus.

06/25/07  05:25pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 1333671

 Argus Mating Pics

Oh no....itís the other girl beardieís turn today now. She was digging out the enclosure, so i popped her in a tub-o-dirt and a couple minutes later i see this. Did I say I was gonna build another incubator soon? I meant today. This is becoming overwhelming:

06/25/07  05:37pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 1333689

 Argus Mating Pics

Haha congrats. Do you know how you want to build your incubator yet? If not give me a holler I have made quite a few. I was selling them (to friends) at one time but got lazy and havenít made any for awhile.

Did you ever build your rodent racks?

06/25/07  06:04pm


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  Message To: JPsShadow   In reference to Message Id: 1333719

 Argus Mating Pics

Never did the rodent racks, Jody. Just bought a crapload of frozen mice and chicks and put them in the cube freezer in the garage. I fed off all my live stuff b/c they werenít making pinkies anymore in the heat. When things cool down or if I finish off my garage into a reptile room, the racks are going to be a big cost saver, for sure.

Iíd love to hear what you think works for an incubator. Check your PMís here in about 5 minutes. Thanks.

06/25/07  06:10pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 1333729

 Argus Mating Pics


You must be doing something right to have that much mating at your place. Good luck with all those eggs.

I have a stand up freezer under my house that I am going to use an an incubator. Unfortunately I havenít worked on it since I got it because there is nothing around here ready to lay eggs.


I am interested in seeing how you build your incubators. One day I will ask you for advise.


06/25/07  06:28pm


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  Message To: DRZRider   In reference to Message Id: 1333756

 Argus Mating Pics

Thanks...this place is oozing with fornication. Iíd wear rubber boots and latex gloves if you come over! I have to admit something though. Iím not playing fair. I dim the lights here, play soft Barry White music, and add small amounts of red wine to the water works like a charm to set the mood.

Newbies!!! I am kidding about giving wine to lizards

06/25/07  06:53pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 1333798

 Argus Mating Pics

Nice! "oozing with fornication" ha ha ha. Maybe you should change your handle Krusty. They have Danceswithsavs; we have oozingwithfornication, ha ha ha ha

06/25/07  11:26pm


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  Message To: Sidbarvin   In reference to Message Id: 1334137

 Argus Mating Pics

You guys crack me up haha.

Krusty Itís ovulating not "in heat". Congrats I hope you get some good eggs, and she layís just fine, you have improved so much from your last female.


06/25/07  11:41pm


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  Message To: AlbigCrazy   In reference to Message Id: 1334167

 Argus Mating Pics

I hate you Krusty!
just kidding. I wish I could see the pics here at work, but Iíll have to wait ítil I get home. Being in the middle of the ocean our ship manages to block certain websites, and pictures donít appear sometimes. However congrats on all your animals gettin busy. Now donít be a tard, and rig up a decent incubator.

06/26/07  12:31am


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  Message To: Shay_   In reference to Message Id: 1334228

 Argus Mating Pics

Congrats Krusty!

Is that male the one that jumbs like crazy in your clip?

Godd luck with the famle and eggs.

06/26/07  01:35am


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  Message To: Signchris   In reference to Message Id: 1334283

 Argus Mating Pics

Youíre having a great year Krusty. Youíre still 200 beardies behind me so far this year though :)

The beardies are a lot of fun.

Congrats on the Argus.


06/26/07  02:53am


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  Message To: Willie1   In reference to Message Id: 1334356

 Argus Mating Pics

Christos: That male is the son of the jumping argus from the video. The jumper is about 5-6 years old, the one mating above is not quite 2 yrs old and is bigger than dad.

Chad: "In heat" is dog slang for ovulating and easier to type, but itís the same dang thing you scientist! Yes, I have dedicated a whole lot more of my house and finances to making these lizards happy. I guess itís paying off in all the breeding now. Actually, the breeding is costing me even more money, but maybe selling a few lizards will help eat the costs. Iíd be happy breaking even each year. Getting to live with these animals and not spending a fortune would be true bliss!

Shay: You donít hate me. You hate that I finally got a female, lol. I hope you end up with some girls from your group. Iíll take pics of everything along the way. I always do. The Argus were at it all day today, too. I am feeding the tar out of both of them. The girl is the only one eating. The male is preoccupied,lol. I have the digital proportional thermostat in hand for the incubator. I am collecting the other stuff to make it work ASAP this week. I donít want to mess any eggs up, believe me. The twenty-something eggs in the hovabator are doing well (Ackie and Beardie).

Warren: I donít want 200 Beardies!!! Thatís more pinheads than I want to fathom,lol. Plus, where the heck are they gonna go? I am so anal about not íoffingí a lizard to someone who is going to end up killing it out of ignorance. I think most beardie eggs are gonna end up Kim food honestly.

Thanks for the words, guys. Lets hope this Argus girl has smooth nesting,etc. I think i have provided everything she needs and am not messing with things from this point forward. She has 40 square feet of substrate that is deep and variable from sandy to loamy to cocopeat and many areas stay in the mid 80s temps. Fingers crossed.


06/26/07  07:38pm


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 1335338

 Argus Mating Pics

Way to go Krusty. Youíre the man- even if you are skeered of cute little roaches.

Chad: Quotation marks are often used to indicate words used ironically, with reservations, or in some unusual way. Which is exactly what Krusty did with in heat.

06/27/07  02:59pm

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